This cute little striped cotton playsuit with matching overskirt is labeled Freshy Playclothes and was worn by Ruth Holmes Walker Gadsden of Summerville. c. 1940. The one-piece playsuit was introduced around 1935, suitable for a variety of sports or casual wear. Shorts for women were a pretty new concept and a coordinating wrap-around skirt made it even more appealing. This outfit was probably purchased by her at James F. Condon & Son in Charleston, one of the many fine stores nationwide selling this brand. An advertisement during their 1940 campaign of Freshy Playclothes Worn by the Stars features a garment very similar to this one, for sale at $6.95. The one in the ad is of acetate rayon whereas ours is of Sanforized cotton. The list of stores carrying it includes Condon’s.

The one-piece shorts playsuit has four white buttons on the blouse front and 5 white buttons down the left shorts leg. The matching flared skirt, of four bias panels, opens on the left with four buttons. There are two slit pockets in front and a shaped waistband tie.

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