Woman’s dark red velvet jacket, 1880s.

The front opening fastens with ten unseen black silk-covered buttons but has large decorative buttons and cord loops. There are two buttons on each sleeve and two very large covered buttons trim the center back. This luxurious coat is lined with black sateen. It is hard to pin down dates on outer wear, but the fit along with the rich color and bold fastenings seem to place it in the 1880s. The back should fit snugly over a modest bustle, with the back buttons setting it off nicely.

It was worn by the donor’s mother-in-law, Hesse Pringle Alston Trapier (1861-1951), daughter of Jacob Motte Alston and Mary Ann FitzSimons of Charleston. She married Richard Shubrick Trapier in 1894.

This coat is on exhibit in Seasonal Fashions: Winter in Charleston until January 6, 2013.

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