Our little painted velvet and silk bag was made by Maria Martin [Bachman], probably in the 1820s. The bag is silk, with cream velvet inserts, each painted with a lovely flower. Silk tassel fringe encircles each insert and across the bottom of the bag. The top has an encased drawstring ribbon, too delicate to pull at this time.

Maria was born in Charleston on July 3, 1796, the youngest of four daughters of John Jacob and Rebecca Martin. When her sister, Harriet, married Rev. John Bachman (1790-1874) of St. John’s Lutheran Church in 1816, Maria and her mother also became part of the new household.  After her sister Harriet’s death in 1846, Maria married the Rev. John Bachman on December 28, 1848. She died in Columbia in December 1863.

John James Audubon, a friend of the Bachman family, noticed Maria’s talents as a watercolorist on his visit in 1831. She subsequently supplied many paintings of plants that were used as backgrounds for Audubon’s birds in The Birds of America. In doing so, she became the only well-known South Carolina female artist of the 19th century.

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