Watercolors by Anna Heyward Taylor
Anna Heyward Taylor was born in 1879 in Columbia, South Carolina, the daughter of Confederate surgeon, Dr. Benjamin Walter Taylor and Marianna Heyward. She studied art at the New York School of Art and Art Students League. She also traveled extensively - Japan, China, Korea, Europe, British Guiana (present day Guyana), Mexico and the Caribbean. In fact, it was while she was traveling and studying in Japan, that World War I broke out. And she served with the Red Cross (see her uniform from a recent Textile Tuesday posting) during the war in France from 1917 until 1919. Besides traveling extensively, she lived several places, most notably in New York, before settling in Charleston in 1929 and becoming part of the Renaissance movement. Anna was an inveterate letter writer and has left a wonderful account of her observations of the people she met and the cultures she experienced. In addition to her written record, she has also gifted us with some amazing artwork, some examples of which can be seen here.

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