Armor-mesh bag with enameled design, probably 1920s. The Mandalian Manufacturing Company of North Attleboro, Massachusetts, produced such bags promoting them as or Lustro Pearl  or “pearlized mesh.” Mandalian developed this unique process, producing a lustrous glow on the furnace-fired enameled links. A native of Armenia, Turkey (born in 1869), Sahatiel Gabrabed Mandalian used designs influenced by near Eastern carpet patterns as well as naturalistic flowers, birds and butterflies. The company was in existence until 1944 when it was sold to the successful White & Davis Company. Mandalian died in 1949.  This lovely Gloria bag has a jointed frame referred to as “bracelet style” which springs open when the clasp is released. 

The bag came to The Charleston Museum from the Estate of Martha K. LaFourcade, 28 Warren Street. Charleston.

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