Officer’s small sword with leather scabbard  
Continental Europe

Small swords – so called because of their diminutive and dainty appearance when compared to other war sabers of the time - were the primary type employed by Patriot officers during the American Revolution.  Although overall this piece fits within the standard style most mid-18th century small swords, this particular piece is outfitted with a few upgrades likely ordered by its owner, Charles Cotesworth Pinckney. Unlike the many other inexpensively made small swords of the era, Pinckney’s is adorned with an ivory handle wrapped in a gold wire. Furthermore, there is evidence of silver plating on the brass hilt. Despite its lighter weight and elegant appearance, small swords were durable and sturdy; the concave triangular blade was far stronger than the average flat blade.

Charles Cotesworth Pinckney, a prominent Charleston attorney, was a member of several revolutionary committees but favored resolving differences with Britain until separation appeared inevitable.  A Continental militia officer during the Revolutionary War, he saw action in South Carolina, Georgia and Florida; served as an aide to George Washington; and commanded Fort Moultrie during the Siege of Charleston. He later resumed his legal and political career, served as a minister to France in 1796 and was the Federalist candidate for President in 1808. Click to view Pinckney’s silk diplomatic uniform jacket and his silver gorget.

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