Tusk–handled swords
Siam (now Thailand)

Although a horrific looking pair, these notably large swords are completely impractical for combat. Likely they were used instead as ceremonial, presentation or perhaps decorative weaponry within the royal palace in Bangkok.  Each weighing in at a burdensome 22 pounds and measuring over 6 feet long, they are unwieldy as they are heavy and bulky. The lower half of an elephant’s tusk makes up the handle, its girth too large to grip effectively by an average sized person. Furthermore, unsharpened blades and lack of personalization on each one indicate some sort of ornamental decoration.

Born in Charleston on September 21, 1854, Dr. Thomas Heyward Hays was chief of Bangkok’s Royal Thai Navy Hospital beginning in 1886 and eventually served as the consulting physician to Siam’s Royal Court. These edged weapons are but a small part of his extensive collecting in Southeast Asia, most of which he donated to the Charleston Museum in 1924. He died on February 2, 1954, at age 99, and is buried in the Bangkok Protestant Cemetery.

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